Filling in the Archives

Spent the last couple of hours updating my MovableType archives from my old page. I got from midway through december 1999 to the end of February 2000 done. Basically boring and repetative.

Have a text editor (KDE’s kate, so I can use fish://) on one monitor, a web browser in the other, select text, copy, paste into web browser, add title, save as draft. Wait for reload, edit again, set to publish (so it appears on the site), change the date (which you can’t do when creating a new entry), save again, wait. Select new text, repeat.

It is kinda neat to see how I used to think, and type, and remember the things that I was writing about, or wondering what sort of drugs I did back in the day to induce some of the strange things I put in this. Oh well, at least when I get it all imported (only two and a bit years to go) I’ll have a constant format that I can deal with and save, or export, or do whatever I want in. I thought about setting up some sort of import program, but my old journal was never really in the same format, or easily parsable, and it’s probably easier/safer to do it “by hand”.

We’re heading over to A’s folks for boxing day dinner soon. I want to hit a couple of the electronics stores on the way, just on the off chance there’s a fantastic deal I can’t live without. My wallet took a hit this christmas though, with people owing me money, lending out money, and of course, buying things, so while $300 off a nice flat scree TV sounds great, it just isn’t going to happen. Maybe a USB keychain storage thing, but that’s still doubtful. Good to go and look anyway, just in case.

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