Powerbook On the Way

Heard yesterday that my powerbook is back from it’s repairs at Apple and will be on the next truck up from the Bellingham office! Hopefully that’ll be soon. Apparently they replaced the logic board, the screen and the hard drive. I don’t know if that’s because that was what was wrong with it (I don’t remember seeing anything wrong with the screen) or maybe just because of the problems other people are having with them. I imagine a big conveyer belt of powerbooks back for repairs and a bunch of people just making the same changes to all of them. I guess it’s safer to repair/replace everything than have it come back in another few months because of screen problems because it doesn’t have a repaired LCD.

3 Comments on “Powerbook On the Way”

  1. Couldn’t this be done locally? I find it wierd it has to go to the states for warrenty repair, thus taking so long.
    I just dropped my IBM laptop off yesterday to get the com port fixed. They said I should have it back by the weekend…:) I hope they are right.

  2. It is local in a way. The IT stuff is handled from the bellingham office, which send it to the apple repair center in seattle or wherever the closest one is.
    I’d heard these wonderful stories of two day turnaround for apple repairs, but this is still a week+ even factoring in the time to get it to and from the bellingham office 🙁 Course, I’d heard of how awsome apple’s hardware is too…..