Movies, Meetups, and Munchies

It was a long weekend not in days off, but in sheer hours spent awake. On friday a friend came over and we watched a couple of movies. Jeepers Creepers II is a horror movie only in the loosest sense. Even watched at midnight with all the lights out and a few beer in me it rendered no fear, not even a slight jump when something unexpected happens suddenly. Every death and dismemberment was pretty much accurately predicted by the peanut gallery on the couch (that’d be me and Sean). It was a fun movie I guess, but not much more. Next was 28 Days Later…, which was not terrible, but not fantastic again. It was a british movie, which meant it didn’t always follow the traditional hollywood rules of what is supposed to happen and not (ie: the hero is a skinny bike courier). Not bad again, but still a bit odd.

Saturday Scoble came up to Vancouver and Dana and I went out to meet up with him. He’s not the devil, and he didn’t beat the crap out of me for my sometimes less than nice comments about some of his beliefs. It was interesting though, and I learned some valuable insight into the mind of Microsoft 🙂 It was his birthday on Sunday, so his wife (very cool lady by the way) and he were up to hang out in our beautiful city. We ended up going to an Iranian resteraunt in North Vancouver (my first experience with that sort of food and definately not the last) and then to Death by Chocolate on Denman. Mmmm….. chocolate.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, and getting a couple of other minor things done. The big ones (work for the ASP project, work for one of my other contracts, and doing the books) were left. They’ll be started tonight after work.