Trudging Along (Looking for a CMS)

Not much happening here. Cold is mostly gone, laundry is done, dishes are done, and the cats are fed. I’ve been searching for a nice web based CMS for the intranet at work, which basically means I spent the day surfing the web. Seems that most are PHPNuke clones/rip offs, others are simply dead or only written about and never written, and the rest are either too limited or too complex for what we need. This is probably why people end up writing their own (and why there are so many out there 🙂

I did find a great site called opensourcecms which has loads of the free CMSs already installed and available so you don’t have to install each one to try it out. Fantastic idea. Finding that MezzoBlue had a similar quest last week was nice as well, lots of good links in the comments. Still don’t have a clear winner though. Basically we’d like something that’s pretty simple (no need for long “stories” or approval processes), not a portal-type system, something where we can control who has an account and who can view anything on the site (or edit it), having it written in Perl is a bonus, having it written in Mason is a doubleplusgood bonus (there is one out there with a french name but it falls into the “overly complex” category), the ability to post information, the option to reply/post comments, and upload files. Not a huge amount else.

We’ll probably find something that fits most our needs and deal with it I think, you could search forever and never find something that’s “perfect.”

4 Comments on “Trudging Along (Looking for a CMS)”

  1. You should give FrontPage a try… it’s pretty easy to use.
    (Ok, end of lame attempt at humour.)
    There’s lots out there… but it’s hard to figure out which is the “best” one to use”. I’ve got some links to lists of CMS’s here: