What A Day!

Had a lan party today. Due to short notice and the snow and cold (-12 apparently!) not that many people show up. A few do, and had some good fragging fun. Unfortunately, I drank more pop (3 cans?) than I have in probably years, and I still have a buzz on now, even at 2am. I just finished some more Call of Duty single player which I have to say, rocks. More on this in a later entry. Short review is that it’s like Medal of Honor, but a bit better (IMHO).

I saved my game about two seconds before a Stuka dive bomber dropped it’s load on me, so I’m not sure what to do. Hopefully I can get back to the start of the level without having to go back to my last (non quick-)save game (a couple of levels ago).

Oh, and Firefly is down with some nasty throat/nose/something that’s not nice at all. I hope I don’t get it, or I can suppress it with lots of orange juice and whatnot. Tomorrow is my last day before I go back to work as well. I got parts of what I wanted to get done finished up over the holidays, but nothing completed. This blogs archives are still not up to date, some contract work is yet done (close though) and my photos (physical ones) are mostly labeled (couple more to go) but I haven’t started on scanning and getting them all organized in something like Adobe Photoshop Album or any of the other software out there. House is nice and clean though 🙂

With the -12 temperatures it’s pretty noticable where the cracks are in the windows. The two places it’s worst (other than having single pane windows of course) is where the network cable goes out the living room (where the cable modem is) through a crack beside the a/c unit, and where it comes into the office (through the window again). Both have a tiny gap that doesn’t matter much when it’s not -12, but when it is, wow, lots of ice forming on the inside. Around 11pm I got smart and closed up the crack with a towel, hopefully it’ll make it not so damn cold when I wake up in the morning.

Which will be the afternoon if I don’t go to be ASAP.

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