3 Days For RRSPs Left…

… and I’m done. Finally got some numbers on my limit from CCRA today, managed to get an appointment at the bank then slipped out of work a bit early and maxed out my contributions. Go me. One more thing off my plate.

4 Comments on “3 Days For RRSPs Left…”

  1. I just did this myself on Monday. Since I was 18 I have always maxed it out every year. For a while I was contributing and my porfolio value continued to decrease. 🙁 Luckly I’ve put enough in now to not notice that loss as much 🙂

  2. Fred – impressive. Just remember that over the long haul it’ll even up. Personally after I put $ in I completely ignore them, and plan to until I’m old enough to worry about it. I’ll probably go ahead and move things around if somethings sucking, but most of my stuff is in managed accounts where people do that for me….

  3. I try to, but can’t resist. I’ll admit it is a lot hard to fill it up now then it was when I was going to school. The limit then was very small. Plus now I have pension payments that come off my pay stub monthly to reduce the maxs more…
    The bad thing about this is soo many people are about to retire here I can’t not think about it as it’s the normal coffee discussion. I just say. “Hey, not too long for me either. 2032 is when I qualify for early retirement!”