Fun Friday

Took today off to deal with the car and other such things. It’s amazing how damn productive you can be if you don’t have to go to work! It was a cash-hemorrhaging day though. First the car to Chilliwack, where I found that the master and slave clutch cylinder are leaking. They will give me a good deal on doing it, but can’t do it until a week from now. So as I’m eventually heading back call the place in Abby, who can do it for the same price (even with the 15% deal the guy gave to try to keep my business) and can take the car in tomorrow. Good stuff.

From there hit the eyeglass store where I arranged an eye exam and tried on some different frames (again). This time I brought the digital camera along so I could get an idea of what I was going to look like. It’s really hard to find a new pair of glasses when your eyes are really bad you know? Below are the ones I ordered, which already had Girlfriend-Approval™ and based on the pics I took, didn’t suck. Come with clip on shades and are 30% off as I don’t need their two for one deal. Waddya think? (not that I can do anything about it anyway).

From there it was to a different eyeglass store in the other mall for a check up, with a really good doctor. Very nice guy. From there the gym, then back to the eye exam store to pay (I kinda forgot the first time…. but in my defense no one stopped me!). Then to the computer store to ask about my video card (again). No word, but I’ll be the first to know. Uh huh. I did buy some stuff there to upgrade this server to an XP2500+, 512mb on a Gigabyte GA-7N400-L N-force based motherboard. Hopefully this’ll give this old box the boost it needs.

After that I came home, did a bit of work on some stuff, and then (now actually) am ripping into the accounting stuff that I’ve been putting off for my business. After this I get to play with computer parts. Maybe I’ll build myself another server over the weekend. Wonder what I could use it for?

Update: grrrr They sold me the wrong board! I need something like the GA-7N400-Pro2 (though the build in IDE RAID and gigabit ethernet on that board might be a big much) for the Serial ATA onboard like I wanted. The guy said it had it, and when we opened up the big shiny pamphlet that was at the top of the box it had it right on it. I of course, didn’t notice the little* notice saying that it was a reference diagram and “may not match this motherboard exactly“. Bah. Oh well, back on Monday I guess. That sucks, I was looking forward to messing around with new hardware this weekend. Now I have 100x the RAM and CPU it took to send men to the moon sitting on the shelf until I get a new MB. It’s wrong I tell you wrong!

5 Comments on “Fun Friday”

  1. Hrm, sure you want to go with nForce2 chipset for a server computer? might be better off with SIS or VIA cause there IDE is much faster/better. And if you not using it for anything other then a server then there is no need for the increased CPU performance that you get with the nForce2 chipset(compaired to VIA or SIS). Just my two cents though. I love the nForce2 chipset i have an ABIT NF7-S rev2 and it rocks i love it. And it will work just fine as a server but you could save your self a few dollars and go with something from the other two chipset makers and get better IDE performance.

  2. cdnGEEK – thanks for the suggestion. I have them looking for a sata+via board right now. Course they don’t have it in stock, but oh well, I’m waiting anyway πŸ™‚

  3. Stylin’ …. stylin’
    Wow, I think you spent more money on yourself in one day than I do in a complete year!

  4. Yea, but I hate it πŸ™ But….. I like being able to drive… glasses are pretty scratched and nasty…. and the computers were bought with “company money” πŸ™‚