Boozin’ Boozer

Went out to Sammy J. Peppers (steak joint) last night to celebrate Sean’s birthday and watch the hockey game. We (of course) kicked ass over the Sharks. Dinner was good, other than the waitress tossing salad dressing into Sean’s lap. She was putting the plate down, realized that it was at the wrong place and picked it up again quickly, and the bowl of dressing was deposited directly into the birthday boy’s lap. Her response (that I heard anyway)? “I’ll get you some napkins.” No grovelling, no extended “oh I’m so sorry”s, just drop a pile of napkins off at the table. Pretty rude no? Our waiter, and then the manager (I assume) came out and things were straightened up, his dinner was free, and (I hope) the girl got chewed out pretty good. I certainly would have… show some fucking concern!

Of course, at this resteraunt the waitresses all wear the same tiny skirts, knee high boots, and all have the same “I don’t have to care because I’m pretty” attitudes.

Many pitchers were consumed, me, Fred, Sean and Drew finished off four pitchers of beer, which was pretty good for me I thought, not being the drinking type. Fred and Nicole left after dinner, and the rest of us headed over to Boone County to boogie to country tunes. Stayed a little while, had a couple more beers, and headed home as Firefly wasn’t feeling all that great and as she was the driver. Other than feeling like I drank a wheee bit too much, needing some pain killers, and being woken up this morning by a combination of heat from the sun shining through the window, cats fighting on the bed, cats playing beside the bed, and cats demanding attention on my head, all was good.

Heading to some rock and gem show today with Tammie and Clayton a bit later on. Should clean up the house as well…. Ah the joys of the weekend.

To make this entry a bit less boring I’ve attached a shot of the sunset as we were heading out last evening. This is one of the few that wasn’t horrible, as a bunch from the batch were nicely focused on the winshield of the car 🙂

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