Last Weekend Wrap Up

Argh! Stupid mouse is messed up and the scroll wheel moves the mouse right (KVM issue, box needs reboot and all will be well), so I just accidently closed my browser window in the middle of a preview, losing a big ass entry 🙁 I’ll summarize below.

Last weekend had lan party. Was good. Beer and steak BBQ good. Deathmatch good. 2 on 2 team games not so good. Congrats to Jason and wife amd Eldon and wife on their impending children!

Noticed flash no worky right on camera. Take back to store. They determine I’m not an idiot and give over the counter exchange. Happy again. Still have yet to put new body through paces, that comes tomorrow after work.

Sunday went to see houses with Firefly’s realtor REALTOR® dude. Houses ok, all better than ex-grow op seen last weekend (hello wrecking ball!). None screamed “buy me” though, but some I might be persuaded to live in for a bit. Hopefully better offerings soon though.

Hmm….. that was a lot easier. I should abbrev. more often.