Low Energy Day

Today was really low energy for some reason. Just no desire or drive to do anything. I hit the gym even though all I wanted to do was hit the couch at home, but that didn’t help either. I made it through my workout but was more exausted at the end than normal, and not in that “just had a great workout and I’m sweating and pumped” exausted, but more in the “Lord take me now” feeling. Maybe the long weekend took more out of me than I thought, though I really didn’t do all that much!

Weekend summary: boss gave us friday off in addition to the May long weekend monday (yay!). Friday – not much, but went to see Shrek 2. Saturday – hung out at home with a buddy who came over. Sunday – went on a picture taking trip with friends into vancouver (posting stuff RSN). Monday – went to the Cloverdale Rodeo (posting soon as well).

Also lately my desire to be around a computer when I get home is sinking lower and lower. Urgh.

Maybe if I go to bed now I’ll be a bit more alive in the morning.