Back and Alive

Got back late Sunday night from Edmonton with little (no) fanfair. The weekend was fun and de-stressing, and nice and cool thanks to Darrens houses basement and shaded backyard (compared to the 900 degree temps we’re getting here). The Darren birthday party was fun and I met a couple of folks again, and a couple more for the first time. Both Pam and Orion were most cool folks who I hope to see again soon. I managed to bring back a shower head that actually works and had my first “good” shower since I moved upstairs a couple of years ago. I’ve just had really bad luck with finding a shower nozzel that’d give me a good wide and hard (but not rip-skin-from-bone) stream of water. Brought back a copy or three of his book as well for various folks.

Of course, I came home to a swealtering hot house with a fridge that had broken, leaving us with not only a fridge with a bunch of bad food (can’t wait to clean that out), but no end in sight for getting a new one. There’s a guy coming tomorrow I think that should be able to do something, and hopfully a new fridge will make it’s way here Real Soon Now. I guess it stopped working sometime Friday or Saturday and because Firefly was working and with the heat in the place so bad, there wasn’t a whole lot to do. Oh well, such is life. Found that my CF Card had broken again as well while in Edmonton. I had this problem before (just saying “memory card error” on the camera screen and similar errors accessing it from card readers) and had returned it for a working card, but the card somehow lost its sanity somewhere along the way. This time I got a different brand (still not the nice high end 40x or 80x cards of course) and hopefully it’ll be all right now.

This was combined today with a minor disaster at work. Seems sometime a couple of months ago I wrote

while( $date++ < $enddate ) { ... }

Instead of

while( $date++ <= $enddate ) { ... }

which of course had a minor issue (missing the very last date) that was never caught. Luckily of the 74 possible cases where this could have caused problems, only 10 were actually problems. It sucks greatly, but at least we caught it now, and at least it wasn't worse.

Oh, I also see that Dana is finding bugs in Longhorn. Don't worry dude, there's a couple of years left for them to ignore your problem and never fix it! 🙂

One Comment on “Back and Alive”

  1. Sleeping at night when it’s super-hot tip from Edmonton:
    Take as cold a shower as you can just before heading to sleep. Not just any cold shower though – you have to get rid of any hint of warmth in your hair (not an issue for those of you with shorter hair), around your head, and in all other nooks and crannies. If your shower gives you brainfreeze, you know you’re on the right path.