New KVM, Riddick, and General Unpreparedness for Scanning

Wandered into town this morning and picked up yet another KVM from London Drugs, after calling into NCIX to find they only had one that was $300+… a bit out of my price range. I grabbed a Linksys for $69 and while it’s only PS/2, it still works just dandy. I did see a USB one for just over $100 in a different London Drugs, which tempted me, so I might replace this one for that one, but I’d probably feel at least a little guilty.

Saw The Chronicles of Riddick this afternoon with Brian. It wasn’t horrible, it did suffer from a bit of a convoluted story and the re-assurance that Vin Diesel should never try to portray emotion. This movie, also known as “Triple X in Space” was full of some pretty nifty special effects and generally interesting visuals. I still really hate (along with the rest of my party), the strobe-light fight scenes, but other than that not horrible.

I decided as well to finally get off my ass and start scanning all or some of the rather large box of pictures I have sitting in the closet. I still want to make good (physical) photo albums, but I’d also like them in electronic format. I found I was completely unprepared. No software installed, broken software when it was installed (patiently waiting for the program to be un-installed now, so I can reboot and try again), the scanner glass wasn’t clean, I have no glass cleaner, the scanner is full of static, and since this house is full of cat hair… well, lets just say the office isn’t the best place to be doing anything that sufferes from having dust and cat hair flying around. Oh, and no clue what to scan. I started going through the pictures a while back and sort of organizing them, but as far as having “good” ones picked out…. nada.

I leave you with a picture of my grey kitten trying to ignore me.

[ ISO 400, F4.5, 0.5″ Post: converted to B&W via Lab Color method ]

Update: After much fighting and re-installing of software (HP uses the crappiest installer I’ve seen, which takes literally 10-20 minutes to (un)install a program on a 2Ghz machine) it turns out that the USB ports on the front of my computer case don’t supply as much power to the devices as those in the back. Thanks to some actually helpful support documentation on the HP site I managed to fix the An unexpected error occurred message from my HP 4570c (just helping the googlejuice a bit).

Geeks, commence scanning!

Oh, midnight already, never mind, time for bed.

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