Projects, Late Nights

Been working on a few things lately. Well, more like having them on the list of things to work on.

  • UML which I mentioned before. Still no real luck with it yet though 🙁
  • MySQL replication. Mainly just so I can say I did it, maybe keep a backup of the database from this machine to my workstation, and maybe from UFies to here as a backup, but that’d probably cost more bandwidth than I’d want, as it’s an issue nowadays.

I could swear there was more than that, but oh well.

Oh right, the other thing is getting all my old archives into MT, so I can have a nice 8 years of archives as well as a way that I can have all my personal journal in a structured format that can be exported much easier than from it’s current HTML file format. The last few nights I’ve been plugging a month or so at a time, and I’m in the home stretch. Only three more to go, which I could probably slug through tonight but it’s getting late and it’d be nice to have at least oe day that I’m not in bed after midnight.

Have some more coding work coming through as well, which is good. Not that I want work, but extra $$ can’t be beat. This is for my mod_perl clients who have some new marketing person in who is kicking asses all around or something, so they’re consolidating their three sites into one. Smart and good, and most of the work will be done by the web designers (again) which is fine. Only a couple of minor technical hurdles that I see for me… well, hopefully those won’t be famous last words. The sucky part is that they have a “hard” deadline of sometime next week, and with going to Clinton till Monday, this won’t leave a huge amount of time to work on it, especially if something comes up. Which it won’t. Won’t!

I’d love to re-implement the entire project in Mason, but that’d be non-trivial, and since it’s already all written I can’t really charge them for me to do an unneeded re-write. Or maybe I could? I’ll have to see how bad it is when I get into the code. If it approaches the chewing gum and baling wire stage that some application server/database systems can get to, I’ll probably suggest it. Sucks to learn new things eh?

No run tomorrow… head to parents after work, pick up camping stuff, buy beer, find out what we still need, etc etc. FireflyBro is coming with us and is taking his truck, so we have no space concerns for stuff, just for people. Cat5 and I are unconvinced that sitting in the jump seats of an extended cab will be doable, but I don’t really want to drive, or take another gas-sucking car or deal with the crap that you have to when taking car trips. I’d much rather just read/sleep and let someone else drive. Hopefully it’ll be bearable for the 4 hour drive. Wonder if one of us can just go in the truckbed?

2 Comments on “Projects, Late Nights”

  1. Never having had a bandwidth call, I can offer to host the replication for you. But in a perfect world, it wouldn’t be that much bandwidth, would it (if you set a reasonable replication time)? I’d be very interested in doing it as well (or learning more about it) for my stuff.

  2. Theortically, if you combine both of those projects, you could set up MySQL in a UML image, then migrate to that. Once you have it working, the UML image can be move to anywhere with space/cpu/memory/bandwidth…