Good Day or Bad Day

Well, today somehow went from a great day, to a shitty day, and back again. The last couple of days (since getting back from holidays) have been great. Work was productive and flew by, things were workign properly all around. Life was good. Then today around 4pm I get a call from a salesrep saying that $stuff was wrong. Go look and try to fix. At 5 when everyone was leaving I was still trying to make sense of it all and tracing through the various layers (code is like an onion) to figure out where the problem originated and how to fix it. Of course, it had to be fixed by tomorrow morning. Of course.

So I go home, start working on it again. Get frantic call from $boss. Apparently a minor DNS change I’d done just before leaving had (in combination with someone else’s screw up) done Bad Things™. Deal with fallout from that. Go back to dealing with first problem. Stress level rising all the time.

Finally around 9:30 I finally fixed it, or at least semi-fixed it, fixed it enough for Salesdude to do his this tomorrow, and for me to know what the issue was (three characters missing BTW, meaning data was coming from the wrong table in the database) so I could do a fix for everyone who was affected tomorrow.

Now I can finally relax a bit (ignoring completely the other contract work that’s due next week) and play a bit of Doom 3, which I bought today (yes, me, do you believe it?!). Have to admit that tonight won’t be the first time I’ve played the game though if ya knowwaddamean. But id Software has my $60 now, happily paid for one of the most awsome and scariest games ever. And by scary I mean that I need the lights on and my girlfriend in the room with me so I can play more than a few minutes at a time. Last night with the lights out and the sound up alone in the office I think I lasted about 20 minutes before it got too much for me.

Yea, I’m a wimp 😛

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