Got an offer which, while the way they do money is less straightforward than previous, still works out well I think. I haven’t officially accepted yet, but I will be. In fact, I’m going to be going to a meeting there in a couple of hours as it’ll be pertenant to my new job, even though I don’t start until Monday (so I can move and deal with house stuff and not try to wrap that around starting a new job!

House still goes slowly, dude will be finished the ceiling today. I got home yesterday and was told “we should just rip down the whole ceiling and start again” because of one spot where the ceiling was sagging due to old water damage and rotting drywall in the ceiling. However, the guy is a drywall professional, so his perfectionism is a bit extreme in that way. Probably the same way people look at me when I deal with computers and tell them “oh, just install a new motherboard and then re-install the OS”. Not a big deal for me, scary for them. Well, anyway, he figured out a way to keep the ceiling up on the roof and not have to re-board the entire thing. Yay.

We also moved a load of stuff from the house. Other than the cats getting very stressed, many big things are out, all the stuff from the walls and closets, the big bookcase, chairs, etc. Still have the office to pack, the bedroom, dining room table, etc, but a big chunk is done!

So now it’s off to get a slow leak in my tire fixed, get to the meeting, and somehow manage to get some food into me in the meantime.

Aside. I have had a whack of people helping out lately and huge thanks goes out to folks like Brian and Sean and Neil who aren’t related but who are putting on old clothes and coming out to do manual labor for nothing more than a lunch or dinner. Of course, I can’t even begin to thank my inlaws and own parents for their help and labor. Dad coming over the other day to cut the grass made the place feel so much better compared to before, and that combined with getting garbage out, moving a pile of bricks from the front yard to the new parking space, etc makes the place feel that much less like a bad white trash stereotype 🙂

5 Comments on “Employed!”

  1. It’s amazing exactly how much difference a cut lawn will make to the appearance of the house. We picked up a push mower (we actually have two now, for some reason), which does a great job (and you don’t have to run out for gas)
    Congrats on the job — good to know you’re not left in the lurch there!