Offline Message

As you may or may not know,, normally residing on a server on my cable
connection, is offline due to moving. As such, I’ve put this up on the server until I can get the server up for real
(hopefully this weekend).

As such, here is the skinny. All my worldly goods are still sitting in the basement
waiting for the ceiling guy to come and finish off the office. The rest of the hosue has
been done and has a nice finish on it, but no floor. Actually, firefly and fireflymom have been working
their collective butts off putting the floor in and it is now almost done on the
upstairs (yay).

I figure a month or so and the house will be done done, or at least
done enough to have a big party and invite everyone πŸ™‚ It’ll be “completely” done in a year or
so (or never). I’m really really really hoping I can put my office together this weekend, and
start moving some of the gobs of stuff into a more final resting spot. IE couch to the living room,
TV plugged in, etc.

Speaking of TV, Cat5 and I re-wired the cablevision wire in the house last night in about two hours,
not bad compared to the three or four days it took originally. Course, that involved drilling holes
I guess. Anyway, when the cable was originally run it was done with old cable taken out of
fireflymom’s house by the cable installer guy saying “this is crap, we’re going to re-wire you”.
Ooops. Anyway, new cable is run and tomorrow the shaw dude will be by to terminate it properly
and hook it all up. This will allow me to watch TV, put the cable modem in it’s final resting
place, etc etc.

The phone was hooked up yesterday as well, but poorly. A story for another time. Anwyay, I have
phone now, email me if you want the new number.

BTW, for those of you who read this site via RSS, it’ll be better soon as the new server goes back,
and I’m sorry for the ugly hackiness I used to get RSS going πŸ™‚