A Good Money Day

Yesterday started out really strange. Well, actually the night was the start of it. I wanted sleep, just 8 or 9 or 10 hours of good, uninterrupted, deep, sleep, and being it was a friday night, why not? Yea, so much for that. Seems that Zoon (the grey kitten) decided that she was going to get particularily happy and loving around 1am or so. This included pawing at my back with her little razor sharp claws until I rolled over and petted her. Of course, being that there’s no door on the bedroom yet I couldn’t have thrown her out if I wanted to. She also decided (very surprisingly) that she wanted to go under the covers. This is a kitten who has never really been a people-cat, and has enjoyed being petted, but only on her terms. So I spent part of the night with a grey bundle of fur resting beside my knee.

So not a lot of sleep. The next morning my plan was simple. Go shopping, get some stuff done, and then head into Vancouver to buy some computer hardware. I started calling the usual suspects and found that no one wanted my money! Sure the items I was looking for were specialty, but not that specialty. I was originally going to call this entry “No one wants to take my money”.

So I was a little dejected about that. In the end it worked out as next week I want to find out about this “get stuff through work’s wholesalers” thing I was told about, and if that doesn’t work out I can get Cat5 to order and pick the stuff up at Phase One. It was just that I had my heart set on a plan and not getting new toys was a bit of a letdown.

So plan B was to go into Abbotsford for some shopping, which is where the point of this is going. I got a cool-but-not-very-useful gift at the work Christmas party last week. A combination flashlight/am fm radio/tv. Yea, cool, but not as useful as something like say, a toaster oven. ScoobyD told me that the store that the things were gotten from had a store credit policy for things returned without a receipt, so that was good. So we went there and found a toaster oven. It was about $20 more than the store credit was for.

But it was a floor model, so she gave us 10% off.

But it had no box or instructions, so she gave us another 10% off.

Total left on the store credit after the fact, $8.99. Not bad. Next up was Futureshop, where I wanted to see if I could return the headphones that I had bought so they’d last (and they were expensive) and whose left ear was no longer working. So they gave me store credit as well (whoohoo!). I hit A&B after to find another pair and did, and when asked, got $20 off. Amazing what you can get by just asking.

Of course, it also makes me nervous, because in video games when they give you lots of health and ammo in one place you know that you’re about to get your ass kicked by something. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’m helping Cat5 do some preliminary moving of stuff into his apartment today so I must run.

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