Accomplishments for the Weekend

Well, at least I got a couple of things done that were on my list. I figure I may as well record them else I’ll get depressed at the lack of progress in things I’ve been seeing in myself lately. First of all I finally finished off (well, almost) the phone/net/cable wiring in the house. Well, all but the network termination in the office anyway. The rest now have proper face plates, and all but one of the phone jacks work. I still have a bit of testing and finishing up to do, but no longer are there phone wires hanging out of the wall all over the place. The second thing is getting the ruts in the driveway (kinda) fixed. I really need to get some proper asphalt in, but some old bricks and gravel make it so that I’m not bottoming out when I pull back out of the carport. Well, not completely anyway, it still needs some levelling off.

Hmm… maybe writing this stuff down wasn’t such a good idea, now I’m more depressed. Well, the laundry is done! … but not put away yet. Dishes are done! Yea, that’s it, my great success this weekend was doing the dishes! And getting a haircut, not so shaggy anymore.

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