A Weekend of Work

Ugh, lost an entire long ass post. That sucked.
Anyway, long story short. Busy. Saturday went to uncle and aunt in White Rock and got a bunch of stuff, box of computer parts, a couch, storage units, a great old steamer trunk from norway, a blender, some chairs (that I’ll pick up next time), and other misc things. They must have thought they’d hit the jackpot because they kept on asking if we wanted things and we kept saying yes!
So pick up that, bring it back, then head and get a new dryer. The one we had has been lacking the “heat” part of drying lately, so it was nice to get something new that won’t break for years and has a moisture sensor so in theory it’ll save money in the long run.
Sunday we were babysitting FireflyBro’s friend’s nine year old son and went to Science World where they had the Lego exibit up, which was completely cool, some of the most amazing creations I’ve seen, even better (if possible) than Muckhead’s creation. Had a fun time taking pictures and walking around Science World with the kid (even if he didn’t shut up the entire time…. are they all like that? đŸ™‚
The shot above isn’t lego (that’ll come soon), but one of the first shots I’ve had a chance to post process and de-noise. It’s the classic plasma ball shot with my 22mm at F2.8 @ 1/45 at ISO 1600, the hand belongs to Firefly.

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