Back To School

Seems that I’m going to be joining the list of folks around
here that are in school. A year and a halr or so ago I missed taking a photography class through continuing ed at UCFV and vowed I’d take it when it came back around. It did that last October or so, right around the time I was rudly removed of a job, bought a house, and had $6k in equipment stolen. At that time the $130 for the course was a bit more than I could afford to lose for such frivilous activities. So I was wondering what else was available yesterday when I noticed that the same Basic Photography course was available.

Starting yesterday šŸ™

Talk about a kick in the nuts huh? But I called the guy (Ken) and asked if it’d be ok to join up even though I’d missed the first class and he said no problem, so a quick call at lunch to the registration lady at the school and next week I get to pack up my trusty old manual SLR and head to school! Very excited about this šŸ™‚

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