Don’t Get Robbed

Just spent another hour or so sorting through receipts, forms, and other crap associated with the breakin that happened here. I’m a phone call away from having all the answers to all the questions that they don’t give you good answers for (like “where do I get the information about all the fields in this form I have no clue about?” and “what do I put down as depreciation on a $4 screwdriver bought 5 years ago?”). When I called in last time I found that our adjuster wasn’t working there anymore, and the new person asked all sorts of questions I didn’t get the first time about if the house was occupied, what sort of changes we were making, etc.

Then I find out today that Firefly got a call from the insurance broker about things here. Seems she got a call from the adjuster making sure that the stories about how long the house was here with no one in it (a week and a half) what repairs were being done, etc. I love being treated like a criminal, yea!

I also really need to get this in ASAP because my bank account is in the red suddenly. Tonight, as I decided it was time to go to bed I remembered there were some bills I was putting off. Log onto my banking site and oh look, a negative balance. Ugh. I calculated that I have about $1000 sunk into buying replacements for stolen items and it’s been killing me at the end of each month 🙁

Aren’t you supposed to get ahead more as you get older, not farther behind? This is really starting to bum me out. Anyone with a few extra $$ they want to help out with is welcome to click on the paypal donate button on ufies to help out for hosting and whatnot.

One Comment on “Don’t Get Robbed”

  1. Welcome to the special joy that is home ownership and renovations. I can’t remember the last time I spent money on non-house/bill related things.