Getting Back Into It

This morning I went for my first run in a while, on the premise I need to get out more and move my body more… about the only thing I’m working out lately is my finger tips typing (like now!). I figured a little jaunt down the street, down the other street, then down the next street to the leisure center would give me a decent but not body-destroying run and allow me to check the times that the pool is open.

I forgot how different it is running in the real world compared to running on a treadmill at the gym. First of all, there’s the dog shit that you have to dodge. Then there’s the patches of slippery frost in the shadow areas, that’s a nasty surprise. Tailwinds have their advantages (not being a headwind) and disadvantages (no moving air to defog your glasses). Oh, and hills….. geez, I didn’t think I was that badly out of shape! But I started, so it’s a start. Figure better to get going now than wait another day right?