The Superbowl Cup in the What Now?

So there was some sort of game yesterday I hear that people were interested in? But I thought hockey was over and done with!

Actually I was going to hang out with Dana yesterday to drink beer and relax, but ended up having a far more busy day than intended (sorry dude). Firefly had to work so I ended up with a free day to bum around the house……. not. Email from my uncle saying they still had furniture for me (which would fit in my car), so I ran into town to do a couple of things first (drop some digital pics to be developed and pick up a grey card for my photo class), then drove into Whiterock, through a minor blizzard that suddenly sprang up out of nowhere. I somehow managed to jam a kitchen table and two leather chairs into my car, a feat in itself, then get back into Abbotsford through the snow (less of a feat, as it was already turning back to rain). Dropped off my digital pictures (again, this time in jpg format, but actually not, another short and boring story), went home to drop off the furniture, then back to pick up firefly, then to pick up my memory card from the photo store, and then shopping and then finally home.

Ugh, long day. I did manage to get the stuff back assembled when I got home though, and had Patches immediately claim the leather chair.

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