Something Works!

Well, I’m in the midst of doing the unthinkable. Instead of being sane, and re-writing the content management system I wrote, uhmm… three years ago now from scratch, re-architecting it up from the ground, throwing away the bad bits and replacing them with shiny new ones, I’m…. fixing it. Ugh.

However, I’m doing this out of trying to retain my sanity. The company I work with has basically seen it working so they figure they can just sell the idea and the functionality to other companies, and it’ll be easy for me to put it in. Of course, because it was custom written (badly) long ago, this isn’t easy. I’ve said before that I wouldn’t do what I’m doing now, and it wasn’t worth it, but I guess I changed my mind. Basically I could, but in the interests of getting it done, and not having to rewrite a wack of functionality (which while it’s not pretty, does work), I’ll fix it.

I’m not doing this completely blind though. I’m refactoring large chunks of code, and have thrown away most of the database design, the way that the menus work, the way the content is stored, etc, so hopefully the big problems will go away as the code starts to flow.

I’m actually on a roll, sucked right into it all again, which is nice. My checkpoint was getting a page to display with having a big ugly “internal server error” in it, which is why I took the time to throw this up.

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