Today Was the Longest Monday Ever

Dear diary,
Last night I got to bed early I think, at least by my standards… 11:30. I was excited, I was going to get more than 6 hours of sleep for once. Sometime in the middle of the night I got up to get a drink or something and thought to myself “it’s probably around 6 or 6:30, I know Firefly has to get up earlier than me in the morning, so I’ll be nice and click the heat up a couple of notches for her [the thermostat automatically kicks in just before I get up].”

Silly me then found it out was only 2:30! Oh well, no harm no foul and all that. I return to blissful sleep..

Sometime later I leap awake. Know how sometimes something will happen and you can go from fast asleep to instantly, completely, awake? Ninja/special forces like? Yea, that was me. I heard a knock, I heard water splash, and was instantly awake and on my feet knowing exactly what was going on. Spooky. Rex, who just loves drinking other peoples water couldn’t get his fat head into a water glass beside the bed, and in his struggles and his absolute neeeeed to drink some water had knocked it over. So at 5:30am there I am sopping up water from behind the bedside table with a handful of paper towels.

Of course as you know diary, there’s only so much activity you can go through coming from sleep and still quickly return to sleep quickly. This was way over my limit. So I lay awake trying to get back to sleep. In addition the time change has made dawn come a lot earlier these days, and 5:30 is just about the time things get light.

So I lay there, unable to get back to sleep until 7, when my alarm would have gone off it I’d let it.

Today was the longest monday in a while.

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