Another Wonderful Day

What a crappy day. Lets see. Come in to work and chat with some people in the hall, and one of our support people comes by and says “you know we have a crisis at [customer] right?”. No, course not, ok, so I check my email, nope, nothing there, so I try to get on [customer]s server, hmm…. can’t connect by web or remote admin, ok, definately something going on. So go back to our support person, who tells me that $othersupportperson told her about it. Try to contact her, no luck.

Ok, call the [customer] IT department. Nope, no answer, try another contact, finally get through. She has no idea about it though, but gives me another person to try. Call that person and they confirm that the connection to the webserver is just timing out. She’ll try to get a hold of the IT guy to get it fixed. I get a call back a few minutes later to find out that somehow the power plug on the server got loose and the server was powered off, she just pushed the plug back in and all was well.

phew Seeing as they are 1200 km away, I’m pretty sure there was NO way that this was our fault.

Fast foward to later on in the day. I get two simultaneous calls from two people to tell me that suddenly some reports are disappearing on two separate clients, and am I doing anything. Turns out that one was (kinda) my fault, I had been given instructions months ago that I was following that applied only to sites with new installs, not upgrades. Ok, now I know, I reverted the file (yay vms versioning) and that was ok. The second was potentially my fault, but I would have no reason to make the changes that happened (a menu entry got removed). In theory I would be the only person with access to this, but even if I was mucking around on their server (which I haven’t been for a couple of weeks at least) I would have no reason make the changes.

Then I got a new one ripped by our sales person for not having a work log filled out every time I log onto a server (a reasonable request in the CYA department, but I’m not the only one here who thinks there is way too much paperwork around here) and for making the changes, etc etc. Just a fine fine cap on the day. I really want to just start fresh and not have to deal with things I did 6 months ago when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Quite frankly lately I’m getting afraid to ask questions from some of the people that know the most here. My brain just isn’t what it used to be it seems.