Feeling Much Better Now Thanks

I just spent 45 minutes lying in bed, a grey kitten curled against my side quite happy to be half under my arm, completely and totally unable to sleep. I’ve heard that if you can’t sleep because there’s all sorts of things wirring around inside your head, the best way to get to sleep is to get whatever it is done that you’re thinking about. So once again I’m down in the office, sitting at the computer, waiting for the sleep monster to get to me, at least nibble on a toe or something, so I can get a good nights sleep.

Being sick actually affected my sleep patterns pretty strangly. I’d have a hit of NyQuil before bed and sleep wonderfully for a while, and then wake up and be totally awake. Sometimes I’d wake up at 7am (even on weekends), sometimes it’d be 3:30 in the morning, but it seemed that I’d be relatively well rested. The night I woke up at 3:30 I lay awake for an hour before deciding that nothing was going to happen, playing video games for an hour or so, then lying in bed until I dozed off maybe 20 minutes before the alarm rang. Even then I still didn’t feel like hell in the morning. Lovely green coma medicine.

I’m still a bit sniffy, but my sinuses don’t feel like waterways, and my kleenex consumption is down a lot. Even the sore throat that had me popping fishermans friend like an addict has mostly gone away. I spent three days last week working from home, which worked not too badly. I could sniff and sneeze and cough without disturbing anyone and still got work done and some longstanding projects completed. That’s not to say that I was any sort of work dynamo, the completed projects were more other things coming together after ages, but it did feel good to close out Friday afternoon knowing that a couple more installs were completed.

The weekend was somewhat restful, I can’t say I did a lot, but I did do a bunch of driving around returning things, checking on things, buying things, doing some yardwork, cutting the grass and whatnot. Tuesday at work was interesting, had a power outage around 2 or so. Apparently from Maple Ridge to Hemlock was out, and they expected it to be out until 4:30 or 6 or something like that. So we hung around for a bit, but everything in the office needs power…. everything. Phones, computers, internet… even those of us with laptops couldn’t do much because when the main fileservers were shutdown (UPS only lasts so long), we lost access to our internet connection (most customers are firewalled so that only our work IPs can log in and do install work) and the fileshare where all documents are stored. So after an hour or so people started filtering home. Not much you could do really, with no idea how long the power will be out, and no way to even do phone work, what else can you do?

The funny thing is that in the 5 minutes it took me to get from work to home, the power was back on. I ended up just working the last while from home, logged into work through the VPN.

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