VMWware Seminar

Today work was nice enough to send me to / let me go to a VMWare conference in Vancouver. Long day, but I came back with some interesting ideas about how we could do our QA process a bit better with some of the virtualization technologies that VMWare has. They also (basically) give away all their products for $300/dev/year via their new VMTN Technology Network. Not sure if something this high end would work for our single tester, but it’s definately something to bring back to $work to talk about.

Came home after and man, crashed bad. Had dinner, sat in front of the tube, but around 8 or so (around the time that I was going to go back out to the gym), I fell asleep on the couch, and was in and out until about 9:30, when I got up, played a bit of Battlefield 2, and now am hitting the hay.


2 Comments on “VMWware Seminar”

  1. I started using VMware years ago as a means of getting a Linux desktop in a Windows company. In the end, I was using it for supporting our software on platforms we did not otherwise have ready access to. Even at $300 it was a massive cost benefit since I didn’t have to spend time setting up one or more physical computers to do the same thing. The fact that you can do snapshots of your virtual machine before installing software and revert back to that snapshot quickly makes installation testing far nicer than not having it. This was for a single tester. I think you’ll find that it is worth the look.

  2. I’ve been using vmware for years now for testing and yea, it’s a kickass program. I’m hoping I can convince the others here of that as well 🙂