Big Announcement

After close to six years, last Sunday I asked Firefly to Marry me, and she has accepted. I’ve now happily entered the “Engaged” mode of life and am loving it!

Not sure what else to say, I’m jazzed, hyped, high on life and love, and spreading the news.

16 Comments on “Big Announcement”

    All the best to both of you! Now you can use that F word, eh? (fianc?e, not the other one).

  2. Now that IS a big announcement. Congrats, and I wish you both a long and happy life together.

  3. congrats dude, welcome to the end of your life 🙂
    (today I celebrate my 13th year with the missus)

  4. Somehow I saw this coming….
    Congrats! !
    Maried life isn’t too bad..
    Pretty soon you will have kids..
    Then the real fun starts ! !