Oh, the Fingertips!

Went out for a spur of the moment indoor climbing trip at the Cliffhanger indoor gym in Coquitlum with some folks. Oh man I’ve been out of this for too long. Not “too long” as in “I must get back into it now”, but “too long” as in “oh god I hurt I hurt”. Woke up this morning and my legs, shoulders, hands and arms were all a massive burning ring of fire. I did some moves that I used to do, kinda-splits and the like last night that the body just isn’t used to anymore.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with the gym itself. I’d never been there, and they had everything from caves to chimneys, and even a couple of cracks. The indoor climbing scene still hasn’t gotten cracks right IMHO, they still feel both too smooth and too rough at the same time. Probably because they are made of concrete 🙂 Time permitting though, I’ll head back there next week or thereabouts.

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