Late Night Thoughts in the Morning

Last night I was about ready to go to bed around midnight-ish, not early, though still with the potential for up to 7 and a half hours of sleep, a bit more than the rest of the week. Anyway, I was finishing up my contract website work and noticed that something was wonky with a signup page. Now I’m not saying it was the web designers uploading changed copies from their local cache instead of making sure they had the latest local version (I work directly on the server, they use desktop HTML editing stuff), I’m not saying it was me copying files around and screwing up, either way, it reverted back to an old version and it sucked. I sent an email about this to the guys around 12:45 and said I didn’t want to start fixing so late at night and maybe screw something up due to lack of sleep…. and then did anyway. I think I got it fixed around 1:30 and then finally hit the hay.

At that point I figured sleep would be easy and quick, I mean, I spent the evening cleaning the house to work the body, and then coding to work the brain. No chance. 2am I was still awake! ARGH! That was the last I saw of the time though, until my subconcious alarm clock woke me up exactly when I told it to (7:00). Did I mention my physical alarm clock is busted? Looks like it might be really busted this time. Anyway, I woke up right on time, and got out of bed an hour later, managed to get rid of the garbage, make breakfast and lunch, and got to work pretty much mostly on time.


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