Election Time In Mission

It’s mayor election time in beautiful Mission, signaled not only by a vast number of signs popping up all over the place, but by random strangers telling you their plans for world city domination. The latter happened to me just now walking into work, when a man who looked a lot like Kenny Rogers said good morning and commented on the day. I made some happy talk back, and he stopped and asked if I’d made up my mind on how to vote. More below (including a big screenshot… oohh…. ahhh… )…

It was a reasonable conversation at least, he had several good ideas that he was going with for his talking points, revitalizing the downtown area at the train station (it looks like a crack-whores armpit right now), building bike paths, and moving city hall from way the hell and gone up in the middle of nowhere and into the city center. All made perfectly good sense (though he was a bit vauge on exactly how this was all going to happen).

When we parted ways he gave me his card/flyer and said adios. Looking at the flyer to see where to find a bit more about him, I noticed that his website was sellcityhall.ca which seemed a bit specific, and secondly, that the email address he had listed was a hotmail address. I don’t know about you, but my hotmail account inbox looks like this:

I fail to see how anyone can run a business, much less anything seriously political out of an email address from hotmail. This is of course, completely ignoring the whole “looking unprofessional” aspect and looking purely at it from a “how the hell do you dig through all the penis enhancement ads to find useful information” aspect).