What Do I Want for Christmas?

Regardless of my previous post of my wishlist, I really have no idea what I want for Christmas. I was out this evening with Firefly (had to drop by the office to get some files, hit the bank and whatnot) and we went Christmas shopping. She kept on asking me what I wanted, and I had to keep on telling her I had no idea. Nothing in the realm of possibilities that is. I’d love a new computer (alienware of course), a plasma/HD TV, a 4G CF card or hell, a quad G5 and dual 20″ (or is it 30″?) cinema displays to run Aperture on… Oh, and the ever present desire for an iPod, though I’m honestly not sure if I can justify a $500 price tag.

Not exactly things easily picked up. What do I really want? I could use clothes I guess, a nice shirt or sweater, a gold photo reflector maybe…. What the heck do I want? This isn’t supposed to be hard!! 🙂