Sucks To Be Me Today

… or at least that’s what Darren told me. Some odd random grinding noises last night turned into non-random grinding noises, so I dropped it by the mechanic that luckily is right by the place I park for work. Less than an hour later I get a call telling me that not only have my calipers seized up and have worn down my rotors and pads, but my tires were quote “scary” unquote. The brake thing is a $600-700 charge, and last time I got tires they were $130 / tire for the cheapest ones.

Sucks to be me.

Hey buddy, got a quarter?

2 Comments on “Sucks To Be Me Today”

  1. So, your not getting that new Dell 30″ LCD monitor (~2560 x 1600 res, same as 30″ Apple cinema display).
    Time to get a 6/49 ticket, it’s up to 22 million.

  2. Alan, this is a freaking conspiracy. I’ve had the same thing to, and how your calipers can seize up (or how your brake pads can totally wear down) and kill your rotors is an absolute disgrace.
    They can put 5 million sensors in your engine (not that you can tell what they’re sensing, of course) but not a single one on your brakes?
    Brakes used to have these “squealer” things that would squeal when your pads are worn, but somehow they don’t anymore.
    I wish some investigative journalist would find out why.