Welcome to 2006

Wow, a new year. 2006… oooohhhhh….

So what’s been going on lately? Christmas was relatively quiet. My family was all out of town in various warm places and/or not rainy places, so we spent time at home. It actually worked out well because I had some contract work to do, so being home was the right place to be to earn a bit of extra bread for the table. It also took about as long as I had off from work which which again, worked well (though of course having another week off with no obligations would have been even better. Firefly’s family came over for Christmas dinner (a lovely turkey) and when they left, they took stuff away. Our old fridge, washing machine, a stove and other bits parts, tools and whatnot all left, leaving us the space in the basement we need to start getting something happening down there. We also have a plan for the basement, which makes the dream even more real šŸ™‚

New years was equally quiet. New years eve-day me and Brad headed up on a hike up to Chadsey Lake on Sumas Mountain (google earth placemark file (may or may not work properly)). It was wet of course, how could it be any other way. It was a good hike though, outdoors, fresh air, good company and all that. Getting out of the house was a great thing. Course, somehow the hike Brad came up with managed to be uphill both ways. I remember periods of not-uphill on the way up when my legs got a bit of a break, but not nearly as much as I found on the way back, when not-uphill turns into just uphill. My legs were killing when I got back, but on new years eve, who really cares. Instead of napping in the afternoon like a sane old man, I watched a movie or something, probably did some work. In the evening a buddy of mine came over and we played a board game about zombie dogs which was, well, kinda sucky. We all said ‘whoho’ at midnight, I observed a leap second being added onto my computer’s clock, and went back to whatever we were doing at the time. I think Firefly and my buddy were killing each other with Age of Mythology or something and I was watching the tube. Next morning we slept in, which really screwed me up for the upcoming week of work, which I’m halfway through now and still going to bed at 1 or 2 am instead of at a sane hour.

I haven’t thought too far into 2006. I’ll be married by the end of the year, which will be exciting and lifechanging and all that good stuff. I also have some investments which will come to fruition which will be awesome, the basement will get done and finished, and possibly the back deck as well. If life goes the way I want it things might change work wise, not really sure where things are going with that though.

The biggest news of course for early 2006 is twofold:

  • Howard Stern starts his new un-edited show on Sirius in 4 days. I can’t f-ing wait. They put a soundcheck on the air yesterday that I hear a recording of which was hilarious. It’ll be great when they are all back on the air and I can start hearing some of the thousands of bits and things to talk about that Howard has been saying “put this in the folder to do the first day we’re on satellite” for the last year.
  • Battlestar Galactica part 2 of season 2 starts up. I re-watched s2e10 again today at lunch and almost ate my own hat with anticipation. Man that episode (to be continued those bastards!) is a mind fuck. Great great show, my favorite is how you can just see things starting to spiral to an inevidable conflict about halfway into the episode and the roller coaster just gets wilder as the episode finishes. I need my weekly BSG!

End long rant, now to resume random bits.