More Car Trouble

Oh, what a great morning this is turning out to be. I woke up late this morning (big surprise) and had to rush (big surprise) after being up late (big surprise) because something computer related wasn’t working (big surprise). Manage to get into the car in time to get to work on time and it just grinds. Not sure if it’s the battery, it felt like it, except that the lights on the dash all came on and it did do that grinding thing. I really hope that it’s not a starter or something like that, because if so, so much for getting RRSPs this year or anything like that.

So because firefly doesn’t have a car at home right now no chance of getting a jump, and there were no obviously awake neighbors, so I did what I could, jump on my bike and rode to work. Only came in about 15 minutes late (thanks to the downhill only route) and came in with my hands and ears absolutely frozen (thanks to the downhill only route 🙂 Geez it’s cold out there, looks like I’ll be riding home tonight in 3 degree weather. It only rained a little bit though, so my butt and legs are only a little wet, and no doubt will dry out just in time for the ride home in the dark.

I suppose it can only get better right?

Update: Saving me from a clock-tower rampage, my huge thanks to my buddy Aryk‘s offer to give me a ride home tonight.