The Weekend is Almost Here! Yay!

This week has been a long one….. I feel like my souls been sucked out, and pretty anti-social in general. The flood of bills, the fact that the latest contract work has once again dragged on… and on…. The latest slowdown hasn’t been on my end though, the client needs to get their server set up and then I get to port all my stuff from the current test webserver over to it. Not a big deal, but I still have this thing hanging over my head, and most likely I’ll get a call at 5pm sunday saying “hey, it’s ready for you to put stuff on, you can get that done for monday morning right?”


So latey I’ve felt very anti-social. Not blogging has probably been a factor from this, I’ve also had no real interest in talking to people, and at work when most people come in to talk to me (ie: not the ones that read this site), I really just want to get back to doing whatever crap I was doing before so I get get home.

This weekend is a relaxing one though. Probably be hanging out some at the Vancouver Boat Show with the camera, get some pictures under my belt, and hopefully start work on the amazingly long list of stuff not-yet-done around the house. The new server set up is going well too. The system now boots off the right drives, has a fair amount of the configuration and services copied over, and a bit more of those, plus a bit of fighting with mod_perl and apache, and it’ll be ready to sync user data and then be thrown into the server farm.

What else… oh yea, Firefly has been convincing me to get a puppy lately… she’s good to, a very crafty girl…. See first her mom got a dog, who while he’s a poodle, he’s not hugely froofy and a nice dog (though he does smell, well, doggy). Now she’s helping a neighbor down the road from her parents place who breeds puppies with a two and a half week old litter whose mom can’t nurse them. Then she said this morning that she’s going to offer to take the box from the owner for the weekend as there are a couple of other litters that they have on their hands! See how it works? Non-threatening, no committment, and yet I get presented with cute cuddly little puppies to win me over!

I know I have enough animals as it is. Four cats is far too many for a normal person, the house is full of cat hair, the basement smells of littler box, the cats have random switches from grooming each other to fighting and hissing and back, driving me crazy. At the same time, I’m a huge sucker for cute things, and especially cute fuzzy little things. We’ll see what happens though. One more animal won’t make me more of a crazy cat person, or tie me down more from going on holiday. I’ve also seen the benefits from friends whose animals get them out of the house on walks and doggy stuff like that.

What else?

Basically I’m tired, irritable, can’t wait for the weekend, and can’t wait for more than 6 hours of sleep a night! 🙂

Update: Just got the email regarding the consulting project, subject “Changes & Launch Need to be Completed by Monday”. sigh

I swear this is the last one I do, I’m getting so sick of my own time not being respected.

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