This weekend was a good weekend so far. Mostly relaxing, an early morning this morning to do some taxi duty, other than that I had a couple of folks over for a last minute Battlestar Galactica-athon. Other than some issues with playing the DVDs with the episodes burnt in my DVD player (which normally plays AVI/DivX just dandy), all went nice and smooth. Didn’t get through all of it, most of season one (including the pilot 2 part movie) and then started in on season 2, getting to episode 14 when the last person headed home.

Of course, I had been watching it week by week at work on my lunch breaks (and a fine monday lunch tradition it was for me!), so it was mostly repeat. Probably the funniest thing was listening to Firefly and Dana and Shawn guess as to what was going to happen next (no doubt sounding exactly like I did when I saw them for the first time 🙂

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