Employed Again

Fun stuff, I got an accepted an offer from the company that Wim works at, so I’m now (or at least on tuesday will be) back in the employed lifestyle. This was the company that I’ve been wanting to work at for a while now, which means I’ll basically be doing the stuff I do in the evenings for fun as a job. Cool stuff, I’m quite happy. The location (mission to north van) is the only thing that isn’t optimal, but with the West Coast Express, Seabus, and the iPod I’ll be purchasing with my first paycheck, I’m sure I’ll survive.

It’ll definately be an adjustment though, I’ve steadily decreased my morning commute since my first “real” job in 1994 (1h+) to the Real Estate Board through rush hour traffic, then 30 min to Netmaster/Merilus, then 2 min for the time I was working full time for my consulting, then 20 minutes to Premier, then 10 minutes to the previous job, now back up to an hour and a half or so. Course, they are also ok with telecommuting as well (after the initial burn in period of course), so that’s not that much of a concern.

Now I have a week to finish up all those projects I had on my “list of stuff to do while unemployed”.