PodRunner Rocks!

I blogged about DJ SteveBoy and his PodRunner podcasts (xml) a bit ago…. well I loaded up my little mp3 player last night and headed to the gym. Well, they definately work. I have to say they work! I didn’t have a long run (only 15 min warmup to get ready for some weights), but while I was going I was going hard and dripping in sweat (a good sign), and I managed to completely zone out while grooving to the mix of music. Booya! I guess my only complaint is that the flow of the music worked far better for running than it did for lifting weights….. course, it is called podrunner 🙂 Thanks for the great work and keep it up!

One Comment on “PodRunner Rocks!”

  1. Thanks for your kind words, and I’m glad Podrunner worked out (no pun intended) for you! There are mixes in a wide range of BPMs, here and at fitpod.com, so if the one you used was too fast, there ought to be a slower one available. Currently they range from 130 to 180 BPM. Take care!