An Odd Feeling of Relief….

So I think that the latest (and last) contract project I’ve been working for is closing in on a finish. All features are there and work, and most of the things in the original spec are done, along with a bunch of stuff not in the original spec. I’m down to about 1 “oh this is broken” / “oh can you make this do this as well” email every two hours, so as far as I’m concerned, unless something blows right up, it’s over.

And that makes me happy. Not only can I now go back to having a life (nothing sucks more than a long weekend spent on the computer), but I can now go back to working on the other contract job that I took on…. luckily the other one has a longer deadline.

I’m really thinking that unless the bills pile up too high (and looking at my latest mastercard bill, that doesn’t take too much), I’m not going to be doing any more contract work, unless it’s at a much higher rate and a much smaller job. Working so far from home and only getting home at 6:45 – 7:00pm each night means that my evenings are now way more valuable to spend with family, work around the house, etc.