Some Desktop Eye Candy

Some random desktop eye candy for ya’ll. Got my system running XGL, the latest and greatest in Linux eye candy, allowing all sorts of funky effects. Tonight I found a nice icon set, background, and compiz theme which I thought I’d show off. Yes, for ironic content I used the Vista theme (though it does look good!).

Click the link for a full size 1280×1024 x dual head JPG (422kb).

Things to note would be the subtle glow around the windows, the subtle transparency in the titlebars, dropshadow on the panel, and sexy icons. Oh, and the unnaturally busy/visible state of my desktop in general 🙂 The image I have open is from the Dragon Boat festival in Harrison last week where I hung out with Dana for a bit.

In case anyone is wondering… inspiration, wallpaper, icon set (Gi?n), gcompiz theme is Vista-ish and the gtk theme is plain old clearlooks.

5 Comments on “Some Desktop Eye Candy”

  1. How are you finding it working with Xinerama? I want the flashy features (the cube thing is awesome), but from what I’ve read so far, it breaks Xinerama horribly.. Personally, until they fix that, I won’t touch it 🙂

  2. No ximerama problems with XGL… it’s a bit odd to rotate the cute with two screens, but if you think of it as a rectangle instead, it’s fine. Any specifics on what’s busted in xinerama? I can test for you….
    There are still some issues which I’m too tired to go into, minor niggles associated with pre-beta software though (ie: double click on titlebar == shade not max/minimize, maximize ignores my bottom panel and puts the window under it…. the performance of X is reduced a bit, feels a bit more sluggish, that sort of thing).

  3. Maybe it’s improved since I last looked. Basically the problem was that Xinerama no longer worked. Windows maximize to both screens, messages appear spanning both etc.. etc.. If that’s fixed, I’ll have to try it again..