Moving and Work

The last while we’ve been moving the office for work from the old locations (two separate small offices) to one large main office. Still in north van, so the drive is still sub-optimal, but the environment itself is much nicer, other than the still ongoing construction that is. Having everyone in one spot seems like it’ll be much easier to deal with things. We’ve also got a huge server room, a dinosaur pen actually, currently looking very empty as all our hosted machines are still back at the old office, and only essential machines and one client (with all the servers and UPS packed onto a rolling cart) currently taking up any space.

The move itself went as smooth as expected I guess. It took about a week of actual work, with a heck of a lot of it being done by the 5 guys in the department I’m in and the moving company (2 guys). Other than 2 or 3 others from other departments, the rest of the company of 30-40 people were all mysteriously absent from helping move their stuff from one office to another. Kinda a pissoff when you spent you saturday slinging boxes in and out of a moving truck, re-assembling desks, and lugging what seems like 1000 monitors from one side of the office to another.

The new buildling also has a gym, which I see great potential in. I hit it after work last night (due to carpooling I was here late and didn’t get home till 8:30. I have my gym strip here again today to do a run/weights at lunch. I’ve been without exercise for way too long and am looking forward to getting into something with consistancy again.

What else…. oh, yea, we did a bunch of work around the backyard over the weekend. The structure and paths in the west end of the yard are pretty much established, we need to get in gravel for the pathways still, and figure out what the heck is going on in the east end of the yard, but it’s nice to see at least something at least approaching completion. FireflyFamily also brought in a load of wood yesterday for either the deck of the patio area we’re going to be putting in the back corner of the yard under the big tree, basically an area for sitting in the shade with some hammocks setup. I’ll get some pics up tonight to show everyone what’s changed.