What a Sunday :(

Ugh… other than a delicious shellfish dinner for my Dad’s birthday today (Happy birthday Dad!), and sleeping in late, what a day. Started nice, a lazy day around the house, get some cleaning done, laundry, maybe some surfing or gaming maybe, you know, standard stuff. I started the laundry, went upstairs. I knew that my father-in-law had started some plumbing stuff in preparation for more basement renos so around the time that the washing machine should have started draining I poked my head down the stairs to make sure that the washing machine wasn’t sitting on a puddle of water. It wasn’t, so I happily went back upstairs. A bit later I found out that the new pipe that was put in let the washer spew out it’s outflow water farther down the basement, where I didn’t see. Long story short, water was all over the back end of the house (luckily the basement is still un-done so it’s just going out onto concrete), of course that’s also where the cat litter boxes are, and all sorts of tools and boxes of bits, and water + cat litter + dirty floor anyway = big mess. We spend the next 3 or 4 hours mopping, cleaning spraying, mopping again, cleaning off everything that was in that back area, drying it, spraying again, cleaning more…. you get the picture.

Not a nice way to spend the day off.

That said, I just saw that Beta 4 of Adobe Lightroom is out…. so much for going to bed on time!

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