A Working Product Makes Me a Happy Alan

Today at work we finished a project we’ve been working for for a couple of weeks by sucessfully using it on actual real clients. Not sure how secret it’s supposed to be, but basically it’s a system we built for a client that’s very similar to what you get when you use internet in a hotel these days. You surf somewhere interesting and get instead a page saying <voice type=”Mr. T“>”enter yo’ info fool!”</voice> You enter in your info and you get to surf. In our case we’re not doing credit card payments or anything like that, just keeping track of things there for accounting purposes.

Anyway, Wim wrote the backend bits that do the networking part and I got to do the system admin frontend and server setup (HTML::Mason if you must know). On friday we went out in the morning and installed the server at the client and got their existing people all set up and going.

Everything worked.

Once we got over our shock, we came back to work.

Today we went back to oversee that things went properly for the new offices that were moving in who would actually be behind our system and using it like it was supposed to be used. Other than a minor typo (quickly fixed) things again, went swimmingly. Back to work to do some of the minor updates and then home on the train, where I snoozed from Pitt Meadows to Mission and came home to a yummy home cooked meal, then watched Heroes. Man that show keeps on getting better each week. And this seasons Battlestar Galactica is amazing as well, they both flip flop in my head as the best show on TV.

A great day.