Finding Myself in Google Code Search

Google recently released their code search engine, as you may or may not know. Just for fun, I googled myself. Most of the (few) entries were expected. A couple of mentions for bugs I posted, and some for minor contributions to a couple of projects. There are two I am a bit stumped on though… the last two results. Apparently there is a species of rodent that is named with my last name, as well as street (it appears). A bit more investigation shows that the street name might actually be from a browser based game called Urban Dead.

Who knew?! Maybe my dad will be able to shed some light on this.

One Comment on “Finding Myself in Google Code Search”

  1. Sent you a link to the UofMichigan info page; the family history pages 18-20 details A.C.Bailward’s mouse hunting exploits; and I’ve printed out an extract of same for you when you come for turkey.
    Fame, huh?