First Snow of 2006!

Wow, when it comes, it comes. Yesterday we started the day with a tiny smidge of snow outside, just a bit that was left. When told that Firefly’s mom had a couple of inches at their house I said “no way, that’s not possible!”

Evening comes and it’s snowing more, a couple of inches on the ground. Not unusual, but since I’ve lived here for a few years now, I know that by the time the morning rolls around, all traces of snow will be gone and we’ll say “yup, that was our snow this year”.

Guess I was wrong. It was still going full bore in the morning, and at 2pm it’s still going. Not huge flakes, but lots of little ones do the same amount. Great snowball weather too!

That’s the view out the back door this morning…. the big white expanse is my deck 🙂 Combination of 5 vertical images stitched together with PTGui if anyone is interested.

Guess I can’t laugh at my friends in Edmonton or Winterpeg anymore eh?

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