Weird, MT just ate my post about being sick šŸ™

Anyway, yea, been sick since Monday night, I’ll leave the details light, as you really don’t want to know what was going on internally. Needless today I haven’t slept “normally” since then, though today I feel mostly human again, though the tummy is still rumbling around a bit. I have had something to eat tonight, the first other than 3 or 5 grapes over the course of yesterday. Probably the first time I’ve gone so long without food to be honest šŸ™‚

So yea, not sure what hit me and Firefly, but it seems to be receeding now. We’ll see how going into work goes tomorrow.

In other news renos are going awesom, lots of new drywall up in the downstairs, almost to the point we can think about mudding and taping and floors. Almost.