Back Home!

Quick wrap up as I just got back from my seven day cruise in Mexico…. Had a great time for the most part, brought back booze (tequila of course) and lots of pictures (downloading from the iPod I borrowed to store them on as we speak). I did not:

  • Get a tattoo
  • Buy a timeshare (did hear a “talk” on one though, we were only there for the free taxi ride though)
  • Get (badly) sunburned
I came back to:
  • Rain, and in the forecast for the next two days!
  • Still a little snow around
  • Four very happy to see me cats (though now we’ve been home an hour they’re back to being bored of us)
  • 194 messages in my inbox
  • … 96 of which are notifying me of comments posted here or on UFies
  • … 61 of which were just comment spam anyway (the remainder are just stupid people still posting to the page on stopping MSN Messenger from starting up, which they think is a place to post what Hotmail addresses you want the passwords for)
  • 2 notices from Future Shop saying my credit card was declined for the two USB keys I got from them for $13 each (boxing day special)… makes sense, as I was racking up the CC on ship-board booze and Mexican trinkets
  • 2 notices from Future Shop saying they were shipping my USB keys (huh?) Oh well, don’t ask I guess…
  • Several TV show premiers that I need to catch up on (24, American Idol….)
  • Did I mention the four happy cats?
Will post full story and pics soon.

Many thanks to my folks for keeping an eye on things and the folks who said they’d post on UFies for me (guess that didn’t work out too well though).

Yay! My own bed tonight!

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