Monday Flat Tire Fun

Mondays are a drag to begin with, especially after a weekend after a 3 day week. Monday mornings are super-extra-double draggy when you start driving off to the train and hear an odd “wappa-wappa-wappa” noise coming from the car. Pull over (about 50 feet from the driveway is as far as I got) and found my back tire completely flat. Ugh. Ok, not going to make the normal train. Luckily my spare is inflated and I remember how to use the jack. Got the later train at least.

Middles of Monday suck, but are made even more sucky when you get a call from your wonderful fiance (that wasn’t the drag) saying that the nail in the tire wasn’t a simple patch job, but had destroyed the sidewall of the tire as well, so you have to get either a new one or a used one (lucky for me I got a used one setup and balanced for only $100).

The end of a long Monday (which started very early and seems to be ending later all the time) sucks even more when you know that you will have to change a tire for the second time in the day. Bleah.